Frequently Asked Questions



1. How much time would it take to process my order? 

Generally, orders process within 1-2 business days, though, in most cases,  orders are processed on the same day, and tracking will be provided within a maximum of 4-5 working days depending on the orders which are in the queue. 


 2. How to change the shipping address once orders get dispatched? 

Well, It depends on the time since the order has been dispatched. You can still request the address change by submitting a ticket or email to us, and we  would make efforts. There might be some minor charges applicable if there is  any possibility to change the address at that time because we will have to re-route the product again to the updated address shared by the customer. 


3. How to place an order? 

* Login to your account and click on the button available at the right top of our website. If you don’t have an account, create it. 

* Select the product you want to order

* Click on the “ Add to Cart “ button 

* Now, go to the top-right and click on the “ Shopping Cart “ Icon

* Confirm your product details and click on Check out

* Enter your delivery address and billing address and click on the “ Continue to Payment “ button

* Select the payment options and click on “ Confirm & Pay. “

* Review your order information and click on “ Confirm. “


4. What all payment methods are available? 

 We accept only Credit/Debit cards and  PayPal as of now. 


5. How to cancel an order? 

For cancellation, you need to go into your account and click on “ Orders. “ 

Under the order section, if you can see the cancel button in that particular product, you can still cancel that order else; it won’t be possible to withdraw once it is shipped. 


6. I am having trouble during the order check-out process

Sometimes, if the order is processing and couldn’t get completed on time, it may be redirecting the page to the banking server. 

Secondly, Your billing address must be the same as your billing address on credit card/debit card registered, or maybe your credit/debit card company has sent you an email or text for confirmation. 

Lastly, if you still face any problem with the same, please contact us through email or submit the ticket. 


7. How to redeem a coupon? 

You need to click on the “ Apply “ button at the time of checkout after putting a “ Code “ during the checkout procedure, which you must have on your registered email/phone number. 


 8. Do you provide a tracking number? 

Yes, and it will be available in your order management section, and if not, for some reason, we do send in an email as well. 





1. Do you ship internationally? 

We provide shipping within the US only for now. 


 2.What is your shipping cost? 

Shipping will be free. 


 3. My accounts say the product has been delivered, but I haven’t received anything 

Sometimes, a mail carrier scans the package at the facilities before the parcel gets delivered to save time while the mail carrier is on the road. You can wait or contact us. 


 4. Do all your products ship from the United States? 

Yes, up to 90%, and the rest depends on the product availability to any particular warehouse at that time. 


 5. How long does it take to ship a product ? 

Orders process within same or next day and will provide with the tracking in 4-5 business days depending on the orders which are in queue 


6. What are the available shipping methods? 

We provide standard shipment with multiple mail carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, TNT, etc., with no shipping fee. 


 7. How to track an order? 

You can track your order under the “ My orders “ section and see the current status, click on the tracking option for that particular product, and put the tracking#


 8. Is it mandatory to have an account to place orders? 

Yes, you must have an account to keep track of your product and order history. It will be more secure, and you can have complete information in one place. 





1. What is the condition of your products? 

We deal in brand new factory sealed products. We also have a separate page on our website, i.e., the “Flash sale” page for refurbished products that includes Grade A Microsoft certified Laptops, Desktops, and Chromebooks. 


2. I am not able to find the products on your website, what can I do? 

You can first try to search the product in the search bar, and if you won't find it, then go to the related category and search over there and still won’t find the product means we don’t have that product at that moment. 

Also, You can submit the ticket or email or write your required product in the specific column mention on our site with product name, model #, brand, etc., and we will try to get back to you with the confirmation soon. 


3. What to do if an item is out of stock?

If you find any product “out of stock,” you can click on the “wishlist” option to get notified whenever the product is available. As soon as we have that product back into stock, you will get a notification on your registered email or phone number as well as into your wishlist option. 


4. Do you provide a warranty on your products? 

Yes, we do, and it is mentioned under each product's details. 





1. How is Fazter pricing different from other similar sites? 

Two significant factors make us different-

Shipping cost: Shipping cost is an essential factor for any user. We have come up with the solution to deal with at least one supplier in each area for our targeting products. We are entitled to their warehouses to avoid the warehouse’s shipment cost located out of our range and avoid paying the higher amount on any products. 

Vendors: We can assure the best favorable price on each product because we have entitled to those vendors who deal only in a particular category of products. That’s how they have the bulk stock at a reasonable price from the manufacturer directly based on which same advantage goes to our customers.


2.How to check the payment status? 

You can go to your “My Account” section and find your payment for all of your orders. 


3. Should I include the bank transfer fee? 

Yes. To make sure the shipment is dispatching faster, we suggest you include a bank fee. For overseas orders, you must check with your local bank. 





1. How to contact in case of queries? 

You can reach out to us by creating a new support ticket or email it to us. 


2. How do I Sign Up for Fazter?

* You can go to the “Sign Up” button at the top-right corner. 

* Click on create new account

* Fill out all the entries

* Click on Save changes


3. How to change account password? 

* You need to click on the “ Sign In” button at the top right-hand corner

* Put your user name and click on forgot password

* Enter your email address, where you will receive a verification code

* Check your registered email and copy and paste that code into your Fazter account page. 

* Now, choose your new password as per your own choice

* Click on Save


 4. What to do If I forgot my password? 

Follow the same steps as given in “How do I change my account password.” 


5. How to update the billing & shipping address? 

* You need to login into your account first 

* Go to the “My addresses” section 

* Edit your information and click on “ Save Changes.”